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Office Chairs

  • Mid-back Mesh Office Chair  DS392-M
  • Mid-back Mesh Office Chair  DS392-M
Mid-back Mesh Office Chair  DS392-MMid-back Mesh Office Chair  DS392-M

Mid-back Mesh Office Chair DS392-M

  • Item No.: DS392-M
  • Brand: Delson
  • Dimensions(cm): 60*58*88~95(SH:47~54)
  • Upholstery: FIre-retardant mesh
  • Product description: Modern Classic Low back mesh office chair reflects this design concept of flatness, clean and simple. The fire retardant mesh imported from Taiwan can be white and black.

Wholesale High Quality Low Back White / Black Mesh Executive Office Chair

Item No.: DS392-M

  1. The legs are made from a thick aluminum alloy material which ensures the base can resist a pressure of 1250kg during stress testing.
  2. The superior plating on the legs and arms has successfully passed the 52 hour neutral salt fog corrosion resistance test, due to the carefully polished and controlled plating workmanship.
  3. The gas cylinder used to lift the chair is imported from Korea.
  4. The tilt back mechanism uses the Italian manufactured DONATI chassis that has exquisite press workmanship. It incorporates a high temperature resistant rubber.
  5. Premium fire-retardant mesh made in Taiwan.
  6. Chromed aluminum frame.
  7. A tilt-swivel mechanism and plastic castors suitable for hard floors or carpet.
  8. It is a very high quality reproduction true to the original design. Superb quality guaranteed.
  9. Safe and strong packing for home and abroad.
  10. Easy assembly required as per installation drawing.
  11. Warranty: 5 years quality guarantee
  12. Made in China

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