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Feel Good Large Sofa

Feel Good is an amazingly versatile seating system with a timelessly classic design and contemporary lines. The Feel Good seating elements are distinguished by their unique cast-metal feet that lift the sofa off the floor with an added sense of lightness. Crafted from an exclusive design, they are available in an array of finishes. In the Feel Good version, the perimeter metal frame supporting the seat cushions is entirely covered in cowhide; and, in the Feel Good Ten version, is upholstered in fabric or leather. The soft goose-down-filled cushions offer visual contrast to the sleek lines of the armrests and seat back. The most obvious attribute of the Feelgood sofa is of course its simplistic beauty. Its minimal design and suitable proportions are the foundation of a design that does not overpower but complements.

Feel Good - Sofas / sectional sofas / ottoman

Seat frame in metal covered with hide-leather: russian red, white, olive, blac, dark brown, dark brown extra, grey, sand, tobacco.‎ Also available in black suede, dark brown suede, olive suede, sand suede with thin mattress in polyurethane
Arm and backrests in foam polyurethane and a protective fabric lining, with metal insert
Seat cushion filled with down and a resilient inner core
Feet in satined, chromed, burnished, champagne or black chromed metal
Throw pillows down-filled.
Upholstery removable fabric or leather covers


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