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Lotus Lounge and chairs

Lotus Lounge and chairs are a range of very contemporary seatings designed to accommodate and wrap the body with its shell-shaped structure veneered aluminum, very aesthetic and modern. This veneered aliminum shell contains a wonderfully supple, textured and comfortable leather seat. This is the perfect balance between futuristic design and quality of materials and know-how of exception. A range that could take up in private as in a luxury hotel lobby..

Arketipo Design
Arketipo Design Interior Design Office founded by Murad Denizaltı, Müge Hansoy Kınacı and Esin Sözer in 1994. Since 20 years, especially hotels, spa, shopping center, office, residential buildings with many projects has achieved success. 80 projects in the country as well as, 90 projects completed in various countries such as Dubai, Germany, Russia, Libya, Kazakhistan and Ukraine. 

Arketipo Design Interior Design practice is being continued with the contribution of new partner Engin Urun and a professional staff in its office based in Istanbul and also in Dubai. Designer of the chair that is called ‘relation’ is Ceyhun Okan Sekban has been working at Arketipo Design from 2011 as a design supervisor.

Delson custom makes all kinds of furniture style upon your request. 

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