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The collection of Creed seating elements comes with a full-blown personality and was developed to establish a lively, meaningful conversation with the many accessories from the 2016 Collection, especially when paired with the Bellagio “Lounge” tables to create innovative and unique living spaces.‎ 

The Creed family comprises numerous chairs, each of which was specifically designed for a particular setting, in terms of both use and style.‎ The carefully-engineered proportions of the elements in the Creed series allow these products to be seamlessly integrated into residential and hospitality settings, like lounge areas, waiting rooms, corporate offices and boutiques.‎  

The Creed Large armchair – with its generous proportions and enveloping lines – has a molded structural polyurethane shell with interior layer in flexible, high-density polyurethane.‎ The back of the armchair rests on a sophisticated curved metal support with a glossy light bronze painted finish, while the front of the Creed Large chair sits on legs made of solid Sucupira wood with stained Mink color finish.‎


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