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Futuristic Style of Danish Chairs

Arne Jacobsen was a Danish architect and designer who excelled at the Danish Modern style of building. Among his architectural successes he had many successes in the furniture genre. He made furniture for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen and St. Catherine's College in Oxford, which he also designed and helped to build on the assumption that he would have a hand in all aspects of its building, down to the fixtures and cutlery used on the premises. His most noted chair designs include Arne Jacobsen the Ant chair, the Model 3107 or Arne Jacobsen seven series chair,the Egg chair and the Swan chair.

The Arne Jacobsen chairs are extremely sought after in the contemporary market because they provide fluid lines as well as giving a sort of "futuristic" feel to a room. The multiple designs of seating that he made provides something for everyone, no matter their tastes.

In 1952 he designed the Ant chair with an emphasis on the classic of modern chair design. It was designed specifically for use in the canteen of the Danish pharmaceutical firm Novo Nordisk. The name was derived from its similarity to the outline of an ant with its head raised. Its design makes it light, stable and easy to stack. It also minimizes the tangling of the user's feet. When it was first designed, it only had three legs made of plastic and the seat was made from form-molded laminated veneer. With its popularity the plastic legs were replaced with tubular steel legs and a version with four legs was also created.


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