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Finn Juhl Chieftains Chair - High Quality Replica

Finn Juhl Chieftains Chair - High Quality Replica

  • Designer: Finn Juhl
  • Manufactured by: Delson
  • Dimensions (CM): 87 w | 95 d | 94.5 h

The Chieftains Chair was designed by Finn Juhl in 1949 and today is an icon within Danish furniture art. The Chieftains Chair is in itself a space filled with symbols inspired by weaponry and customs from foreign shores. Made by the very best craftsmen in teak and walnut, this chair now exudes extreme grandeur. It is upholstered in leather.

Inspired by modern art, the Chieftain Chair with its organic shapes liberated itself from traditional Danish furniture design and strict functionalism in both shape, construction and materials.

In 2012, the Chieftain Chair won the Danish Design Award Classic. The jury said in its motivation:” Today, the Chieftain Chair stands as an inspiration to a new generation of furniture designers and as proof that an attention to quality, international calibre and a will to break away from tradition can pave the road to making a difference as a designer”.

The Chieftains Chair is available in a range of high-end leathers. Please email us for options and order.
Delson classic furniture is a professional manufacturer of high-end designer furniture reproduction.

The original chieftain chair costs more than USD13000, our reproduction is high quality and affordable.

Profile of Finn Juhl - Finn Juhl is often seen as one of the fathers of Danish Modern design.

Finn Juhl
Danish architect Finn Juhl (1912–1989) is regarded as one of the greatest furniture designers of the 20th century. He was a pioneer figure within Danish furniture design and the Danish Modern movement. Being commissioned to furnish one of the larger delegates rooms at the UN building in New York, and being represented at the Museum of Modern Art, made him well known outside of Denmark early on. His many contacts led to collaboration with the American furniture industry making his furniture among the first to make Danish Modern an international phenomenon. Today, Finn Juhl’s furniture are seen in private and public places, as well as museums, around the world.


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