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Why choose us

Over 10 years experience

Over 10 years experience

10+ years experience in production and exporting modern classic design furniture.
Professional research and design team

Professional research and design team

Our professional R&D team always develops new product design.
Our teams and customer service

Our teams and customer service

Our sales team spares no efforts to make customers satisfied about products and service.
Shipping Service

Shipping Service

Direct shipment from our factory to your address or nearest seaport.



about us

Delson offer high quality modern classic design furniture inspired by world famous designers for many years. We are dedicated to handcraft furniture of enduring beauty and quality, products that match our customers' needs and aspirations. Those who choose Delson not only share the beauty of existing modern classics, but also can create your own design art. We can create a custom product that fulfills the client's aesthetic or functional requirements. At Delson, we proudly make high-end beautiful modern classic designer furniture at very affordable prices for home, office, restaurant and commercial spaces such as hotels, bars, pubs and clubs. We a...



  • 25 2019-02 Lotus Lounge and chairs
    Lotus Lounge and chairs are a range of very contemporary seatings designed to accommodate and wrap the body with its shell-shaped
  • 25 2019-02 Honeycomb Coffee Table
    When the pure geometry surrounds the design field, it gives Icy-A, an atypical coffee table that plays on the volumes and the form
  • 25 2019-02 IRIS Coffee Tables
    Low Tables designed by MARCONATO MAURIZIO & TERRY ZAPPA, 2015 Iris is a collection of coffee tables which juggle with exceptional
    The Creed Large armchair – with its generous proportions and enveloping lines – has a molded structural polyurethane shell with in
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